In the beginning, Hatch Media was only designing tees for the youth. We wanted to give the very best to our market that we studied them day and night, from their homes to school to wherever. It was insightful. We saw how passionately curious and full of life they are.

And then it dawned on us – why stop there?

By combining our knowledge from our rigorous studies of the youth and our professional links, Hatch Media is now Singapore’s first Youth Marketing Specialist. With a variety of platforms and networks, coupled with research, resources, and creativity, we not only pride ourselves of being able to effectively engage the youth audience, but remain to be the most efficient in this field.

We create a greater and more effective buzz during an advertisement’s campaign period with our firm relationship with youth media space owners and an extensive and thorough database of all on-ground student ambassadors.

Our clients are now from various industries engaging the youth in numerous platforms and resources. Those early days paved the way for us to discover that we can engage with them in so much more means and bring their curiosity to even greater heights.


With the elevation of the digital age and them being practically born to it, they become naturally adept and dominate a media while we still search the depths of what it can do. With imagination, vigor, and consciousness of their own identity, they are influential both online and offline, in addition to being consumers themselves.

The youth, ages 16 to 35, has been an important consumer demographic with a very interesting trend. And targeting them is really one of the better ideas we have thought of.


Our team has long been studying this demographic - we have the insights and the statistics. Bringing to the table our expertise and a wide range of skills, we can boost the client’s reach to effectively engage the target segment.

With us, our clients will have these advantages:

Deep insights into statistics to help boost the reach, responses, and maximize the marketing dollars.

Extensive reputable network of alternative advertising media spaces spread throughout the largest educational institutions of Singapore

A broad database of on ground students. We not only have the data but also deliver in building greater buzz during the ad campaign period

Exclusive rights and strong relationships with media space owners to speed up placement in the best possible locations

Established network of various media and resources for the local youth. Such connection allows them to express their thoughts and aspirations that can be a future consumption
Here is a sampling of the wide set of clients
we’ve worked with throughout the years.


It is our goal to tailor-fit effective campaigns to each of the unique personalities of our clients with these services:

Youth Ambassadors and Activation
Reach the youth through active, creative, and grounded youth marketing specialists.

Media Spaces
Boost your exposure with youth media spaces at valuable traffic zones like table top sticker advertising, building advertising, and media space management

Social Media Management
Be top of mind as we help you run your social media pages from creation to management

Online Youth Newsletter
Bring your products directly to your audience in a perfect venue of great deals and offers or through MSG+, an online youth newsletter.

Creative Support
Step-up your design assets with our team of creative support.

Youth Insights
Keep up with the preferences and vital aspects of the youth market.


With our wide network and expertise, we are confident in capturing the targeted audience. We have platforms and resources to explore for a customized campaign exclusively for your needs.

Talk to us for more information on our networks today.

Educational Institutions
Universities, Polytechnics, and Private Institutions, Student Hostels and Universities

Heartland Network
Cafes and Coffee Shops

CBD Network
Coffee Shops & Office Buildings

Other Networks
Internet Gaming Shops, and many more


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